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The phrase “shrimp on the barbie” that originated in the 1984 – 1990 Australian Tourism Commission adverts, starring Paul Hogan, weren’t just in reference to Australians’ love of seafood, but also for their love of outdoor cooking on a BBQ. With Sydney, for example, being subjected to less than 100 days a year of rainfall on average, there is plenty of time for residents Down Under to make use of their outdoor spaces (even when it does rain, it does little to dampen the Australian spirit).

But what good is an outdoor space without the right furniture to enjoy it with? Aussies spend plenty of time fixing up and renovating the interiors of their homes – as reflected by the number of designer furniture brands conceived and sold on these shores – so why shouldn’t the backyard get some love too? That’s certainly the mantra adopted by Zaneti, a Melbourne-based designer furniture brand with a love for the great outdoors.

Not only does Zaneti cater to residential clients, but the company has the facility to assist commercial clients with all their outdoor furniture needs too, whether it be hotels, cafes, bars or any other commercial installation. But what makes Zaneti so special and why should you care? DMARGE spoke to founder Yanni Mastro about how the brand came about and how it became one of the hottest outdoor furniture designers in the entire country.

It only takes a quick glance on the company’s website to realise Zaneti is all about colour. Whether you’re after chairs, tables, sun beds or benches, you can find an array of colours that evoke thoughts of summer. Yanni tells us Zaneti “at its core, has always been an embodiment of vibrance and colour reimagined through the lens of the European lifestyle.”

“The brand was conceptualised and first imagined during time abroad in the Mediterranean and in coastal Europe, where furniture designs were seen as extensions of the cultural influences that house them.”

“Product design within these regions is consistently pushing the boundaries of what is achievable through imagination and passion, often blending traditional and comfortingly familiar forms with contemporary elements.”

“This thought process contributed to the formation of Zaneti as a brand, bringing the European lifestyle back home to Australia where we share the same passion for outdoor living and yearning for new and exciting forms.”

Naturally, a bench or a chair can only take on so many forms. It’s a seat with four legs, after all. So what does Zaneti do in particular to keep things fresh to both entice new customers and maintain the loyal ones?

The answer isn’t necessarily to develop something flashy and brand new that nobody else has, but rather to create products that customers will immediately feel like they’ve owned for a lifetime.

“Many of Zaneti’s materials, colours and designs are influenced and derived from natural forms and real-life locations and objects,” Yanni relates.

“The brand’s use of textured powder coats as a principal finish for the products subtly owes to coastal textures that can be found in the porous forms of sand and stone, which have been smoothed over by countless passing tides.”

“Our colours are carefully combined with these textures to create exciting pairings that evoke emotions of familiarity: Reseda Green’s soft and muted hues make it feel right at home within gardens and parks, and Matte White can blend seamlessly within coastal settings, like driftwood embedded in shorelines that has become bleached matte white by the sun.”

“Across the brand’s multiple products, the use of both rounded and squared tubing, flattened lengths of aluminium and crisp lines can be found in many combinations, giving each family a unique and defining identity.”

“By incorporating these (and newly inspired) elements, Zaneti is able to constantly push forward with continuity and excitement by design.”

We also wanted to find out what customers can expect from Zaneti in the coming months. Fortunately, Yanni was happy to reveal the company’s plans.

“With a focus on outdoors, there are already new product families in development stages. Whilst featuring new design elements, as with our other products, these will be able to be used in combination with existing pieces to create unique zones or used alone as complete sets.”

“Zaneti’s research and design team are constantly inspired and new additions to our seasonal colours are always a possibility.”

“For the 2020/21 season, our newest colour – Azure Blue – has already solidified its presence as a popular colour across our products.”

“We’re also pleased to announce our latest colour – Ivy Green – which can be enjoyed alone or in colour pairings with Reseda Green for great contrast.”

Zaneti doesn’t have any of its own standalone physical stores, but the brand’s collections can be ordered either online or at any of its retail partners. These include Fenton & Fenton in Prahran, Victoria for retail customers, or commercial outlets in Victoria and South Australia.

Head to Zaneti’s website to find out more.

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